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When a meeting planner is looking for a dynamic, results driven speaker/expert to take their group to the next level, do they think of you? If you struggle to say yes, do you know why? Not because you aren’t perfect for the job, but there’s a gap in communicating your value.
Marquesa is well-known for her gift of transforming experts that speak into profitable Speakerpreneurs(TM). This involves a detailed process of creating a strong foundation based on your expertise and wrapping it into a six figure signature system inclusive of client attraction along with serving the client in multiple ways while maintaining a desired lifestyle. Marquesa calls this a Business Reinvention based on her best selling book” “The Reinvention Roadmap”. Marquesa loves to say she’s successfully reinvented more than 500 experts into profitable Speakerpreneurs (TM) who are well booked and well paid!
Nothing hurts more than working for years on your expertise and not being hired! The National Center for Speaker Training was created in 2005 by Marquesa, as her way to fully support, grow and create Speakerpreneurs(TM). So much so she created the word, Speakerpreneur, as published in Toastmasters International Magazine.
Companies are not left out of Marquesa’s offerings, she started working with companies first, which led to speaking all over the world at least 22 days per month always in a different city, state or country for 4 years. Yes, she had her own speaking tours. More than 700 keynotes, 530 seminars, 15 speaker showcases many for Fortune 50-5000 companies, leaders, executives, everyday people.
The process of gathering extreme clarity around the short term and long term goals for your work together
- The strongest pain points for your client
- Knowing how to work with your client based on their organic core personality - really critical
- Know and create the support team that will help implement and manage the plan
- Marquesa's five key pillars for creating a client that becomes a top advocate
Marquesa is an accomplished Business Reinvention Expert that works with consultants, leaders, experts and teams to reinvent a business or company. She's done this successfully for 12 years. For 8 years, Marquesa worked as a Business Solutions Executive for AT&T Business markets where she served fortune 500 companies. She held the title of the most requested executive for six years. Prior to that position, Marquesa was an associate producer for CNN Business News for Lou Hobbs.

Marquesa has spoken all over the world at least 22 days per month always in a different city, state or country for 4 years. Yes, she had her own speaking tours. More than 700 keynotes, 530 seminars, 15 speaker showcases many for Fortune 50-5000 companies, leaders, executives, everyday people.



As the creator of Speakerpreneur (tm), a term used to describe entrepreneurs who use their voice to grow their business.

Ms. Pettway, a business reinvention expert, teaches entrepreneurs how to attract clients and earn income by using their voice to grow their business. She’s coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals to profitable businesses since 2005. Your voice is everything in business, it's your negotiation tool, credibility builder and business generator. Marquesa breaks it down and helps you reinventsyour idea into a business!

Marquesa Pettway, CSP, a designation awarded to less than 700 speakers in the world, DTM, a Business Reinvention Expert, Professional Speaker, Author of The Reinvention Roadmap, SpeakerTalk Radio host (on itunes) and  the founder and chief coach of The National Center for Speaker Training.

Marquesa provides the "how" in her Reinvention Roadmap™ and SpeakerBlueprint Roadmap and many other business boosting programs via THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR SPEAKER TRAINING.  She's recognized an as expert by New York Newsday. Les Brown, the internationally renowned motivational speaker, calls her a brilliant speaker and business coach.  

Associate Producer for CNN Small Business show, "Managing with Lou Dobbs" turned Biz Reinvention Coach to hundreds of entrepreneurs and hundreds of organizations since 1993. The New York Daily News quoted her as a "guru". New York based expert, Marquesa Pettway ALSO reinvents organizations.

Ms. Pettway is a columnist for Speaker Magazine and was featured in Toastmasters Magazine in August 2015. She was also featured on the Voices of Experience Digital Magazine for Speakers three times; She serves as the Live Broadcasting Host for Women Speakers Association. She's spoken all over the world in every single state and a few countries, including hosting business pitch sessions. Ms. Pettway is also a syndicated columnist in the TV space reaching millions on a monthly basis.

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